We make a difference


The Reading Children's Learning Center serves infants by recognizing their individual differences and needs. The infant program is designed to help children feel secure, with attentative adults warmly responding consistently and supportively to each child.

Infants / Toddlers

The toddler years are truly amazing. They are filled with magical discoveries, developmental achievements, and strides in independence and a multitude of challenges. The toddler teachers are dedicated to ensuring that your child's needs are met in a stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment while helping parents embrace and savor the wonderful adventures that their toddler will lead them on.


Our toddler program is for children ages two to three years which introduce the small child to that
larger world outside the home. We help children develope good personal habits and shelf-helf skills.


Our preschool program is for children ages three to five years which continues to build and enrich children's skills and strengths. Gross and fine motor skills are refined. Cognitive and critical thinking skills are continuing to develop. Pre-reading, early math, science and social studies activities are introduced. Our goal is to help your child find out what their interests are and develop them, as well as try out new experiences. We are working towards developing life-long learners as your child develops into a unique individual in this complex world.